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The world leading mobile phone supplier Nokia corporation is going to sell it’s Qt commercial licensing and facility establishment to technology services firm Digia Public Limited Company, the two companies said on Monday.

Open source applications become not only simple but reliable and trustworthy. One of latest achievements in this area is implementation of Drupal CMS to create, web site for the United States House of Representatives.

The following tip can be used in multiple scenarios (being anywhere you need custom URL rewriting and want to do this without .htaccess), but I'll illustrate it for two specific purposes.

This is probably one of the most frequent answers web developers get. And the one that actually gives them the most hard time. Answering this question is like answering "How much should a house cost?" – impossible without much additional information. Basically, web design has many unique components that add or subtract from the total website cost.

My name is Vladislav and I am the founder of Fresh2L web development company and I would like to share some of my thoughts on how to develop your business.

About eight years ago I first got interested in the internet and made an attempt to set up my own website. I have put a lot of time and effort and finally the site was ready. It was used it to help me learn and try out new technologies and looked really edgy at that time and all of my friends got to like it.

In Drupal function taxonomy_select_nodes() limits results based on "Number of posts on main page" variable.

In API it says "Finds all nodes that match selected taxonomy conditions."

This sounds completly wrong if you consider this function could be called from custom modules to get entries for a custom block for example.

Ever wanted to set adhock breadcrumbs for pages that were not really part of any logical menu structure? Also want to activate the primary menu for this ad hoc page?

Drupal 6 makes this easy....