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fresh will use Drupal

Open source applications become not only simple but reliable and trustworthy. One of latest achievements in this area is implementation of Drupal CMS to create, web site for the United States House of Representatives.

This honorable institution became one of leading to use this free software platform. A number of other official bodies followed this example, after and make decision to change their web site platform. The House of Representatives administration admits the importance and efficiency of such step, also they intend to find professional developers to support the platform.

Describing the potential of future development, they indicate that other 520 web sites can be created on the basis of Drupal platform, so the amount of work is significant. For details of this promising project one can refer to the personal page of Dries Buytaert, initial creator of Drupal.

[Note: Dries Buytaert currently holds CTO position at Acquia, they were directly involved in this project. O'Reilly AlphaTech Ventures has investments in this company.]

Analyzing the reasons that convinced the House representatives to select Drupal among other software vendors to create their official website, we can separate several points, such as:

  1. Ability to host and unite hundreds of sites under similar platform.
  2. Quick and easy deployment of new subsides.
  3. Wide number of potential developers and web administrates to employ for web project support.

Considering the importance of future e-transition under the GOP, such recruiting of free software developers becomes an important factor in the Washington IT ecosystem deployment.