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Nokia is about to sell Qt Business

The world leading mobile phone supplier Nokia corporation is going to sell it’s Qt commercial licensing and facility establishment to technology services firm Digia Public Limited Company, the two companies said on Monday.

Nokia has aquired Trolltech, a little Norweigen firm, and it’s Qt technology, which permit software programmer to write applications at same time, and then make them work in several operating systems, in two thousand and eight for one hundred and fifty three million dollar. Lately October, Stephen Elop, Nokia chief executive, showed recommendation for Qt (said "cute") by making it known public that Nokia would only use the software to develop application for its mobile’s. the concept was to make it simpler for programmers to manufacture applications for Symbian.

However, Qt’s destiny has been in question since Mr. Elop declared a month ago that Nokia will no longer be using Symbian but will be Microsoft Corporation Windows phone software which would be it major Smartphone software moving ahead(up). At the business plan of action in London, where the agreement was disclosed, Mr Elop said that the establishment would proceed to stand behind Qt on Symbian Smartphone, but he also said that the software would not dwell on its next Windows Smartphone, because afraid that it would possibly disorder the programmers and not understandable to the users and make a condition where Windows Phone moves not fast than the contest.

In a blog post, Sebastian Nystrom, who heads Qt for Nokia, said these professional services are not a core business for Nokia and that the firm began finding a year ago for a partner to help serve commercial licenses. He said Nokia will not stop to stand beside Qt and those who use the software with investments in marketing, research and improvement and other activities. "We want to make more prominent our constant commitment to Qt," Mr. Nystrom said in the blog post. As a piece of the achievement, Digia will handle the legal right to use and give support and services to the roughly three thousand five hundred establishments that use Qt commercially moving ahead. The Helsinki, Finland based company will also employ nineteen people from Nokia, who was working with Qt buyer. Terms of the agreement, which is expected to close at the end of this month, were not announced. "We are happy to extend our Qt business to serve our new client," Harri Paani, Senior Vice President from Digia, said in a Speech.