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Rules we stick to

1. We require a 50% up front payment (or 33% in case of a large project) before starting to work. We need that assurance that you have "bought in" on this project, and that we can plan on the income, pay bills, etc.

2. We never do unpaid work for the chance to be paid, that’s why we never give out sketches and mock ups before the payment - this wouldn't fly in any other industry, so why web development?

3. We don’t make discounts, our prices are very reasonable and based on the cost of every service included into the package

4. We don’t accept a shre in your future sales as a payment for our work. This option never works in this kind of business.

5. We never work overnight or on the weekends and vacations. Just like any other institution, our studio has got working hours and days off.

6. We reserve the right to use the code we’ve developed for you in our other projects as it is our intellectual property. You own the code and project implementation (a finished website), but not the actual code pieces (login system, image uploader, etc.).

7. We never use Internet messengers (like MSN, Skype or ICQ) to discuss the projects with our clients. We prefer receiving an e-mail with comments and suggestions rather than search for each remark in messenger history.

By contacting our studio you agree to all of the above specified rules.