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Lots of modern companies operate on the global market that offers unique business opportunities bringing significant advantages to the companies. Leading enterprises use cutting-edge technologies that guarantee success. Active business development requires the use of additional IT-services but the lack of the appropriate workforce can often become an obstacle. The process of searching and hiring IT-professionals is difficult and costly. Globalization has offered a solution to this problem – thanks to outsourcing there is no longer a need to recruit programmers or developers.

Outsourcing is not a new thing or a kind of a modern buzz word. According to the statistics, even 10 years ago about 20 % of the USA-based companies outsourced at least a small part of certain tasks. IT-outsourcing is especially popular across the world, regardless of the size of companies wishing to delegate a part of their routine tasks. In May 2009 The Computer World magazine published the results of its survey, according to which the companies with minimum $5 billion income had an intention to outsource at least a quarter of their IT jobs by 2010. It shows that businesses can rely on other companies and outsource them their own responsibilities.

There’s no need for your company to deal with all the tasks on its own. Just let us help you and you won’t regret! Why cover the expenses on an internal IT-department if you can delegate the tasks to real professionals? Outsourcing can become a cost-efficient solution that will help you to considerably cut your expenditures on maintaining a whole department! IT-outsourcing has enormous advantages including:

  • Costs saving. Fresh2L offers high-quality services for a very reasonable price due to our low labor costs. Our company is based in Ukraine where the cost of living is considerably lower than in EU-countries.
  • Time saving. Outsourcing a part of your peripheral IT tasks will allow you to spend more time focusing on core activities. Fresh2L will help you to save your time and use it more effectively.
  • Eliminating risks. Each task should be carried out by a specialist. Fresh2L is specialized in IT-services and our company gives a 100 per cent guarantee that the work will be completed professionally and in time. We can cope with the tasks of any complexity.
  • Optimizing the structure of the company. By delegating the work to another company you'll be able to reduce the number of employees without compromising the productivity of your enterprise. This way the structure of your company will get more optimized – everyone will be doing his/her job full time.

A good idea is to think about IT-outsourcing as about any other service you delegate to external staff, for example, cleaning your office. You do not need to keep your own cleaner, this is not what your company specializes in, right? So, why keep an IT-department and pay developers if your core business is far from information technologies? Fresh2L is a Ukrainian-based web-studio with extensive experience in outsourcing. We offer a wide range of various IT-services, including:

  • Custom software development
  • Database development
  • Web development
  • A whole package of other IT-services for your office

We are open to cooperation and ready to take care of any IT-related tasks.

If you’d like to save your time and money, if you want to focus on core businesses and think that outsourcing is the right solution, contact us and we’ll you from the routine IT tasks. We are sure that the cooperation with Fresh2L will help you to achieve your business goals and would like to be a part of your success. Do what you do best and outsource us the rest.

Fresh2L – fresh ideas and comprehensive tools for your business!